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Nice that you’re here. This is my personal blog and I post about things I do and I am interested in. Not regularly. If you have any questions I am happy you get in touch with me. Please see the get in touch page.

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After having had a very cool time at SinnerSchrader from May 2010 to December 2013, I am now working at sum.cumo AG with a great team. We are developing high traffic web portals especially for Swiss direct insurances and the German Toto Lotto societies.

Apache CouchDB

I am a fan of CouchDB since 2008 when I heard the first talk about it. Since Oktober 2013 I am committer and in Feubruary I was invited to become a Apache CouchDB PMC member what I accepted with great hnour.

I am actually working on the translation, documentation and marketing bits and have a lot of fun with a great team. If you’re interested I invite you to visit couchdb.org