I love my Mac and iPad but ...

… I hate fucking iTunes. This bullshit software is just annoying me and makes me absolutely angry.

The usability is simply crap and what really made me nuts was the fact, that I did not find a - “Mac makes it simple” - way to move purchased Apps from the iPad to the Mac.

Ok - connecting the iPad to the MBP opens iTunes. And the ipad is mounted. So far so good. And I can see everything on the iPad. Cool. But why the fuck is it not possible to drag, let’s say, two or three apps and move them to iTunes? I don’t get it!

Noooooo - please right click the iPad in the left menu and choose “Transfer Purchases”. Apple - come on. Why are you doing such a lousy job? This is just the biggest bullshit I experienced with iTunes - beside the other bullshit with this software.

Published: February 02 2011