CouchDB introduction for JUG-Ostfalen

Moin Moin,

last Thursday I had the opportunity to talk about CouchDB at the JUG-Ostfalen. Uwe Sauerbrei, the organiser, asked me several weeks ago if I am interested to tell some Java geeks, that CouchDB is cool. And as we know - CouchDB and NoSQL is definitely cool.

The talk was really nice. Around 35 people attended and have been really interested in the concepts of NoSQL databases and CouchDB in special. At the beginning I was asking who knows CouchDB (3), mongoDB (2), neo4J (5) or have at least heard about NoSQL database. Not too many did so. That was kind of amazing to me. Maybe because I am kind of in that movement and have a straight focus to Internet technologies and do not really imagine, that one does not know about NoSQL databases. But hey - thats totally fine for sure. Cool that a lot of questions had been asked.

As Till Klampaeckel and me have been writing the German CouchDB book, I had the chance to give away some copies. This is really cool, because it showed, that I could raise some interest. I hope they like the book ;-)

I am looking forward to talk again about CouchDB. I have planned to also give a brief introduction to, a cool tool to build CouchApps, at this evening. But because we had to drive 1:45 h back to Hamburg I had only 2 h for the talk. So next time …

If you’re interested in hearing some CouchDB stuff in an event you organise, go ahead an ask me or Till at



Published: May 12 2012