CouchDB 1.5.1 has been released please promote

Promote the CouchDB 1.5.1 release

(this is proudly stolen from the CouchDB mailinglist)

Being a volunteer organisation, we rely on you to help us promote releases.

Here is the official blog post:

Here is the official tweet:

And Google+ post:

We also have a Hacker News item:

And several Reddit items:…/apache_couchdb_151_released_security_release/…/apache_couchdb_151_released_security_release/…/apache_couchdb_151_released_security_release/…/apache_couchdb_151_released_security_release/

Please take a moment to share these links with your friends.

Retweet us if you use Twitter, and upvote us if you use Google+, Hacker News, or Reddit.

(Note that Hacker News users may want to navigate to the item from the front page. I believe up votes are not counted when you link to an item directly.)

If you like, you could monitor these threads and respond to people with questions. This is a great opportunity for community outreach.

If you have any other promotion you’d like to highlight, please reply to this thread.

Published: April 10 2014