Database Modeling Tools


actually a user was looking for a database modeling tool at the postgresql mailinglist. As I do use a piece of paper for my db modeling and having used DbDesigner during my time using MySQL and Windows, I thought it would be a good chance to have a look at some tools. Actually two have been supposed by the list members.

Power* Architect (thanks to Thomas Kellerer for the tip)

This is a data modeling and profiling tool. It supports not just PostgreSQL but also many other DBMS. The connection to the database is handled by a JDBC driver. It’s avilable for MAC OS X, Windows and Linux and it’s open source (GPL v 3).
Here are some more features (copied from the page below):

- Connects to multiple source databases concurrently
- Compares data models & database structures and identifies discrepancies
- Drag-and-drop source tables & columns into the playpen
- Remembers the origin of each column
- Generates source-to-target visual Mapping Reports
- Forward-engineers to PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server & more
- Saves source data structure snapshots in the project, so you can work remotely
- All project data is stored in an easy-to-parse XML format
- OLAP schema modeling: Cubes, Measures, Dimensions, Hierarchies & Levels

Power* Architect is developed by a Canadian company called SQL Power. You can get more info and download at

MicroOLAP Database Designer for PostgreSQL (thanks to Pavel Golub for the tip)

This is another one but unfortunately available only for Windows. As of this reason, I did not check it but it is said, that it has a good support for wine on Linux OS. Here are some features (taken from the page below):

-simple physical database creation by using a wizard;
-Database structure generation;
-Database modification: generation of ALTER statements to bring a database to the state of the diagram;
-Reverse engineering (import) of existing databases from multiple sources;
-Export of a diagram to popular graphics formats;
-Database structure reports generation;
-Cheking a diagram for errors;
-Merging of diagrams;
-Ability to print diagram out on multiple pages;
-Works under Windows 2000, XP, 2003.
-Support of PostgreSQL server starting from 7.4 and a partial support of PostgreSQL 7.3;

This software is developed by a company called MicroOLAP. They have many other software concerning database. For more info and download see

If you are looking for a GUI database modeling tool, hopefully these are some good tips.


Published: July 06 2009