PostgreSQL UG Germany @ CeBit 2010

EDIT: please read also the blog post by Andreas Scherbaum about the booth at CeBit

Moin Moin,

Andreas Scherbaum, a well known name in the PostgreSQL community, PostgreSQL expert and consultant from Magdeburg organized a booth in the project lounge in between the Open Source area in hall 2 at CeBit. He will be there from 02. - 06.03. - means the whole time CeBit is running.

He asked some PostgreSQL geeks from Germany to take part as staff. So yesterday it was me, today and tomorrow it’s Joachim Wieland, Friday it’s Bernd Helmle and Michael Meskes is there 03. or 04.03. PostgreSQL is represented the first time @ CeBit - cool!

I did not know what to expect. Means, what kind of people are coming to our lill’ booth, what will the questions be and so on. Actually it was quite varying. Some people did already hear about PostgreSQL and were simply interested what PostgreSQL is all about. Others (mostly DBA’s) had special questions concerning replication and clustering what was a bit more of a challenge to answer - but for sure no problem. And finally also people who want to migrate from MySQL to PostgreSQL did ask some questions. Hopefully we were able to convince them ;-) .

The booth it self was really small. Both Andreas and me had our Laptops there where we showed some stuff and in the back some slides were running on a screen. Next to us was Wordpress placed and in some steps away the guy’s from bind and Perl had fun introducing their projects. By the way - thanks again to Carsten for giving me some help installing and setting up bind on my Macbook (what is really simple … if you know how).

It was really fun being there together with Andreas. Actually it was the first time meeting him in real life. I would like to do that again if I can find time. It’s not only nice to represent a cool OpenSource Project like PostgreSQL but also to meet people from the Open Source scene at all.

A big thank you goes out to Andreas for his awesome power and initiative to make this happen. You really rock!

Last note: before running to my train two guy’s were asking about CouchDB and why it is so cool - I gave them a quick introduction … two new fans now ;-)

Published: March 03 2010