JSConf.eu in Berlin 7. and 8. November 2009

Moin Moin,

the web’s dynamic clientside language is JavaScript. Everybody knows, that it had kind of a ressurection with the emerging buzzweb 2.0. There are cool librarys and frameworks like prototype, jquery, dojo and so on and applications using JavaScript heavily like CouchDB (using jquery). So what could be better to attend at a high class JavaScript conference - and even better - in Berlin / Germany.

If you are a JavaScript geek or want your head filled with ideas and techniques of some of the top JavaScript people out there, go and register for JSConf.eu. The European JavaScript Conference will be held 7th & 8th November 2009 in Berlin. You will get all info at their website.

I think this will be a real top event. Some of the speakers are allready mentioned: John Resig (creator of jquery), Thomas Fuchs (creator of script.aculo.us), Dion Almaer & Ben Galbraith (Mozilla) just to mention some …

The event is organized by Jan Lehnardt, Berlin @janl, Holger Blank, Hamburg @hblank, Malte Ubl, Hamburg @cramforce. Thank you guy’s!

See you there?


Published: August 12 2009