First PHPucEU meeting in 2010

Moin Moin,

as I mentioned earlier, I am part of the organization team for the European PHP Unconference. Unfortunately I could not attend at the kick off meeting last year. So last night, we had the first Skype telco for this year. Judith (head of the team), Jonathan, Markus and myself were speaking about the main important topics like location, date, sponsoring and management.

Everything seems quite promising and we decided, that due to other conferences, the best date for the conference will be in early 2011.

I invite you to read a little more about the meeting yesterday at the official website.

Also, please feel free to follow us on twitter:

@janosch007 (Judith)
@jonathanmaron (Jonathan)
@mwolffhh (Markus)
@awenkhh (me)

The official hashtag is #PHPucEU.

If you have any questions or are part of a PHP Usergroup in Manchaster, Barcelona, Budapest or Majorca, please get in touch with me —>



Published: April 08 2010