Shit about "Sh*t My Dad Says"

Moin Moin,

it’s been a while since I wrote here. A lot of changes have happened … good changes. Maybe I find it interesting enough one day and I will write about it here.

I am reading a lot. Mostly technical stuff about programming and databases. But once in a while I am getting annoyed about reading code and stuff. So I start reading a novel or … or a book I found while reading my Twitter timeline. The one I found lately is Justin Halpern’s "Sh*t My Dad Says". You’ll read my impressions about the book here.

First I thought, ah cool - I love bad ass speaking like “what the fuck - I am to old for that shit!”. And Justin’s dad is one of the best speaker in this manner I know (another one is Zakk Wylde who founded the metal band “Black Label Society” and former lead guitarist of Ozzy). I started reading and just laughed and laughed nearly each line. The style of writing is very entertaining and easy. You can relax and simply enjoy.

But while reading more and more, it was not only the funny shit coming out of Justin’s dad’s mouth, but also I started realizing, that this man, is really a very good guy. He has a strong opinion about what is right and what is wrong and is taking a busload full of care about his son and his family. That impressed me a lot.

Yes he is a severely father. In a way he remind me of my own dad. When I was younger, sometimes I was really angry, that my dad was that severely with me. But when I was becoming older (I mean up from 25 or something), I understood, that the only reason for him being severely with me, was to take care of me and always wanting the best for me. Today I know that he is really proud of me and helped me a lot becoming that person I am today. It was damn right what he did and how he was! I hope I can carry this to my own kids in a similar way.

Probably the best chapter of “Sh*t My Dad Says” is the last one. The chapter is basically about the dad saying some good father words about how to mange the fact, that Justin was loosing his girlfriend he was already intended to marry. His dad spoke about his own life and a similar situation deep from his heart. Later, he showed his son the deep love he’s got for him. To be honest, my eyes went wet. This man is full of love, pride and gratitude for his son and his family. It always does impress me a lot when people have and show these values. And these values are also very important to me.
Actually Justin’s Dad asked (or better instructed ;-) ) him to put this content in the last chapter because he thought it’s really important and for understanding the man Samuel Halpern.

In short - this is as a very personal book written by a guy how is extremely proud and thankful of his dad. Go and get your copy! It’s worth each penny …

P.S.: Thank you dad! I love you!

Published: May 16 2010