My ~/.gitconfig

Moin Moin,

when you’re using git as your scm, you will probably love it’s command line interface. I am using it on a daily basis … heavily. I know that there are some quite good GUI’s (like SourceTree) but I never got really into them. So if you’re interested to make your git-life a little more comfortable, you can check out my (small) .gitconfig:

There are three entries worth mentioning:

  1. always use “git pull — rebase” to avoid unnecessary merge commits

  2. use “_conflictstyle = diff3” for an advanced diff while solving conflicts during merge or rebase. You will see three different parts: your changes, their changes and the merged common ancestors. This gives you full access to all changes and you can choose what has to be merged

  3. check out the awesome alias “lg”. Full power overview what’Äs going on in your repo. Credits go out to my fine colleague Thomas @Thereincarnator.


Published: June 03 2013