Last day at SinnerSchrader

Moin Moin,

well - after nearly four years I am leaving SinnerSchrader. Up from January 2014 I will join and I am looking forward to new challenges.

SinnerSchrader is awesome. I really liked to work there. But what was really awesome was my team there. I guess it was the best team I worked with. And that is a fact and what I will missing. Not to say, that the new team will not be awesome but that’s something I have to learn first :) (funny thing: there is Sven and Enrico I already worked with at SinnerSchrader :) ).

I will not annoy you with details about our work for our customer Unitymedia. Just the fact, that when I started to work for them, it was one of the smaller customers at SinnerSchrader and Unitymedia will rise to be No1 next year or so. But what is so damn awesome, is the fact, that we were always able to do the job and did not loose our friendship while doing so. The team was nearly perfect.

At Friday, December 20th I invited to drink some beers in our cafeteria. They made a present for me. Just look:

30 bottels of beer from over the world and a super nice and big card with cool team photos and good wishes. I guess they know one of my hobbies :). Thank you so much !!!

I just want to say thank you Laura, Sarah, Melina, Jan, Peter and also to the newer team mates Iris, Darinka, Tobi, Hendrik, Tim and Bastian. You fuckin’ rock. Thanks for everything!!!

This is not the end … this is just a new beginning and we will see us again :)



Published: December 23 2013