Moin Moin,

today I just want to point out two real great websites.

I think it’s now nearly two years since I “found” Angela Becker in XING (or did she find me?). Funny as is, I stumbled upon her avatar. She was promted to change this avatar to a real foto by the XING team, but she’s still using it in twitter (@beangie).

I liked the avatar a lot because it was not the next stupid bourgoise foto of the girl or guy I don’t want to get in touch with. So I started some smalltalk and we realized, that we’re both living in Hamburg, like good rock music and have something to do with graphic.

As I am not a graphic or web designer, I am always looking for good people in this area. So the stuff she showed me was really cool and thankfully, she started to run her own business as a freelancer. But she had nothing to do with the web. Uh …. really? I did not care because I thought she can make it also.

Well I want to introduce you to her finally launched website where she’s presenting herself and some work she has done so far. I think it’s worth a look and maybe you need to get in touch with her because of a project you have. Working with her is totally productive and a lot of fun.

Btw. the great programming was done by her friend in love Stefan - follow him at twitter if you like: @st_f_n

Everybody needs a bookmark app to store bookmarks. Sure you can use Firefox Weave to sync your bookmarks between different machines but I don’t like it that much (I mean bookmarks in the browser). Or you will use which is approved and well known. The API is also kind of cool because it’s RESTful in a way. But do you have nice thumbnails of the pages you bookmarked or a nice website with an overview? No!

It showed that following Dion Almaer in twitter (@dalmaer)is a good thing because he provided a link to Zootool. Zootool is a web application (yes it really is) written by Bastian Allgeier (@zootool) and is fuckin’ awesome. This was exactly the piece of software I was looking for. It is webbased (what else?), the usability is great, it is looking super cool (like a Mac app ;-) ) and it behaves like a desktop application.

Zootool is using MooTools (a cool JavaScript library) heavily to get the desktop app feeling. I will meet Bastian in the middle of March in Mannheim. Maybe he’s telling me some more about the backend and the programming. And ZooTool is maybe one of the first real browser and webbased applications we can find …

After having some conversation with Bastian (the one like “ah your app is so super sexy bla bla bla” - “oh really thank you bla bla bla” :-) ) we found out, that he is living 15 km away from the city where my parents still live and I was grown up till I was 24. Aha! That’s nice ;-). I am talking about Mannheim (Bastian) and Schwetzingen (me) in southern Germany.

Well, I really ask you to have a look to these websites and hope you like them as much as I do …

Published: March 01 2010